Idneo is a company that banks for the:
  • Technological leadership
  • Excellence in projects execution
  • Quality and design reliability
  • Design to cost
  • Design for manufacturing


You dream the future,
We design your dreams

Idneo is an engineering services company specializing in designing and developing technology products. It is a benchmark in their areas of expertise thanks to its competitiveness, and quality of work experience.

The company offers from concept and product development and subsequent approval to manufacture.

In order to adapt to their customer’s needs, they develop projects from the following cooperation categories: Idneo Turnkey Projects and Idneo Consulting.

- Idneo Turnkey Projects
On the basis of the specifications, timing and budget of the client, they develop projects making it easier for the companies to concentrate their resources in their core business.

- Idneo Consulting
Consists of the incorporation of technological profiles into the client’s workforce.
The professional team that makes up Idneo offers utter and client tailored solutions in the following business areas:
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Mobility
  • Health
  • Compliance

The company has international presence that enables to cover all the client’s needs in a global form. Currently, they are present in the USA and Europe (Spain, Germany, Turkey,…).